Rate Your Ride - Bus Line Overview - Gold

Survey results are used to measure performance and customer service. Utilizing responses provided by our riders allows us to address issues that may arise on different lines or transit modes. Below are findings for this specific bus line over the last six months (by month). Use the above date filter to look at a specific timeframe.

Rating Over Time

Date Overall Rating Number of Submissions
2019/03 2.20 5
2019/04 1.00 5
2019/05 3.67 3
2019/06 2.50 6
2019/07 2.33 3
2019/08 1.00 2
2019/09 2.00 1

Good Reasons Given

Reason 2019/032019/042019/052019/062019/072019/082019/09
Helpful and/or Friendly Staff0002000
Quiet and/or Comfortable Ride0010100
Vehicle was Clean1010000

Bad Reasons Given

Reason 2019/032019/042019/052019/062019/072019/082019/09
Noisy and/or Rude Passengers0001001
Rude and/or Unhelpful Staff0100000
Safety Concern0001000
Unclean and/or Uncomfortable1000100
Vehicle Skipped a Stop0200010
Vehicle was Crowded2200000
Vehicle was Late1012110