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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rate Your Ride (RYR)?

It is a program managed by the MTA to help improve public transportation by utilizing real-time feedback from our customers via an online survey. In order to participate, all you need to do is fill out the online survey here on our website.

How did Rate Your Ride Start?

Rate your ride was created by the Central Maryland Transportation Association (CMTA) in September 2010 and piloted for 9 months by the association during which the CMTA received 6,500 responses.

How is Rate Your Ride related to other customer feedback tools like Facebook, twitter, the online form, or the call center? Does it replace them?

RYR does not replace other feedback tools. RYR is a venue where ratings and data can be aggregated, quantified, and analyzed in a scientific manner. RYR also gives a more holistic view of rider reactions to transit since you can rate every ride you take, with little effort, allowing for a sampling of all kinds of experiences.

How does Rate Your Ride work?

Customers choose to participate by logging onto and completing the short survey. Once a completed survey is submitted the data from that survey is saved to a central database.

What is the purpose of RYR?

Your input is combined with ratings from other passengers and used injunction with other reporting systems to help measure service quality, identify issues, and address any transit concerns. Rate Your Ride provides a valuable forum for your voice to be heard.

Why do you want my phone number?

Although providing us with your phone number is optional and you may submit the online survey without giving us your number. Your submission can only be used in certain analyses if we do not have your phone number. Your number and information is safe. We won’t distribute your number to others or bother you with unwanted calls or texts.

What is my phone number used for?

Your phone number helps to keep track of how many different people are submitting ratings through Rate Your Ride and how many individuals are offering the same or similar reports. It also allows us to be more accurate with our data and scales, which we post on our RYR website.

What happens to RYR data?

The incoming raw data is stored and summaries of the data are publicly available here on our website. The data is used to visualize trends (e.g. daily ratings) and to have a better overview of frequently occurring customer concerns. The data is analyzed regularly and used with other feedback sources to make suggestions for changes and help prioritize issues for resource allocation