Website Issues and RYR Updates

by MTA Rate Your Ride on November 21, 2012

Last week we experienced problems with the Rate Your Ride website. The main source of the problem was due to a corrupted file on our server. We took immediate action to prevent this from happening again. We are sorry about any confusion this may have caused.

By the end of this month, we will issue the RYR Winter 2012 Final Report and Action Plan. The purpose of the Final Report and Action Plan  is to use key findings from the Preliminary Report (published in October) to implement changes, analyze the associated costs to see if these changes are feasible and within the MTA’s budget. In addition, the report is intended to help us meet our goal of using RYR customer data to improve MTA’s transit services and hopefully will lead to an increase in customer ratings and satisfaction.

We are very thankful for you, our MTA customers, who use the Rate Your Ride program and of course our RYR Twitter followers and subscribers!





Wishes MTA’s Rate Your Ride team

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