Rider Issues Part 2- Rude or Unhelpful Staff

by MTA Rate Your Ride on December 7, 2012

Scenario 1, rude staff:

Another cold December morning and you just saw your Commuter Bus pass by as you approach the bus stop. After waiting forever (at least it seemed to be that way) you are confronted with an unfriendly bus driver who did not respond to your friendly greeting.

Scenario 2, unhelpful staff:

In the afternoon, you are trying to get to a new restaurant you heard about and you decided to take the Light Rail. On the train you are asked to show your train ticket to MTA staff. You decide to ask the staff member for directions because you are not completely sure if you are going the right direction, but you receive no answer and feel ignored.

Did this happen to you? Or have you been in a similar situation before?

Use the Rate Your Ride survey and let us know what is bothering you or what was pleasant about your ride.

It is easy! Just call, text “ride” to 410-205-4559, or use the survey on our website www.rateyourride.org

We care about your feedback and use it to make changes!



RYR update:

We added three new options to the survey. Since we received a lot of feedback from MARC riders, we decided to add an option to enter the specific MARC train number, so we can better identify which lines are affected. In addition, we added a back (*) and an exit (#) option to make the survey more user-friendly.

Try it out today!

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