Ride it: Rate it

by MTA Rate Your Ride on June 19, 2013

Customer feedback is an integral part of service improvement. In the face of finite resource allocations, it has become even more necessary to deploy available resources smartly and effectively. This is why relying on customer feedback has become even more critical. Rate Your Ride (RYR) enables Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to partner with customers in order to improve service delivery.

RYR makes each customer feedback count, because all customer feedback is aggregated and then utilized in planning service improvements. Feedback increases our capacity to craft better solutions to customer concerns. Transit service providers and customers can work as partners in order to collectively produce better services. For example, customer feedback helped improve running times for #11 and #35; improve customer service through staff training; and in facilitating bus stop consolidation initiatives.

MTA immensely appreciates and needs the input of all our valued customers. So help recruit and encourage family and friends to participate in RYR, because the more feedback we receive, the better the decisions we can make.

The next time you ride on one of MTA’s buses, para-transit, or rail, don’t forget to rate it in order to improve your future transit experience.


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