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by MTA Rate Your Ride on March 29, 2012

“Thank you” to our MTA drivers! Unfortunately, their hard work often goes unrecognized. MTA drivers have a tough job, which entails fighting with traffic, navigating narrow city streets, collecting fares, picking up passengers on time, handling customer incidents, and doing all this safely. In fact, driving a bus has been called the most stressful job on the planet.  

The winner Harby Guevara with the Administrator Ralign Wells

The MTA is very thankful for its hard-working operators (operators is transit-speak for drivers). So, we decided to give our customers the chance to recognize their favorite drivers. During Valentine’s week, a blog post with the title “Be My MTA Valentine” was published here on our website. In addition, the campaign was publicized on the RYR Twitter account, the MTA’s Facebook page, and the MTA’s Twitter account. To vote for their favorite driver, customers were asked to either text or send an email containing the driver’s badge number.

We tallied up the votes, and are pleased to announce that Mr. Harby Guevara is the winner! Harby is a bus operator at Northwest Bus Division (one of MTA’s four divisions) and has been with the MTA since 2009. He originally is from New York and his parents immigrated to the United States from Honduras. When Harby found out that he was voted the Favorite Operator, he was shocked and overwhelmed (in a good way).

Harby Guevara, Elvia Centeno (his wife), and Administrator Ralign Wells

On March 19th, 2012, the MTA’s Administrator, Mr. Ralign Wells, personally thanked Harby for his outstanding customer service and handed him his prize– a gift certificate for Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Harby’s wife, Elvia Centeno, also attended the award ceremony and was noticeably proud of her husband. Customer feedback about Mr. Guevara’s services was very positive, for example, customers wrote that Harby is a nice driver, does a great job, is always on time, and greets passengers. Harby was very grateful for being recognized with such an honor. He wanted to thank his supervisor, the dispatchers, his fellow co-workers who came to celebrate him, and especially the MTA’s customers who voted for him. Most of all, he wanted to thank God who he always puts first. In addition, when asked what advice Mr. Guevara would like to share with the other operators, he stated: “Keep up the good work,”and “Always stay sharp and help people.”    

MTA's Favorite Operator Harby Guevara

Be on the look out! The Favorite Operator winner, Mr. Guevara’s picture will be displayed on the outside of one MTA bus and various car cards inside the buses!
If you see it, take a picture and sent it to us!
Congratulations to Harby Guevara, MTA’s Favorite Operator, 2012!           




Didn’t get a chance to nominate your favorite driver? Ask for your driver’s badge number and nominate him/her for next year’s MTA’s Favorite Operator Campaign 2013!

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