The Bus Network Improvement Project

by MTA Rate Your Ride on September 30, 2013

To date, Rate Your Ride has received 16,506 ratings from over 4,600 different riders. These ratings have been used to prioritize improvements to the 11, 35, and 77 bus lines and also resulted in improved cleaning practices on MTA light rail.

Seems kind of anticlimactic, huh? Well, I hope you don’t feel that way, and here’s why! Although some efforts were made to improve individual bus lines, one thing that really come through from the RYR data was that service problems were pervasive. 36 of MTA’s bus lines received at least 50 “at least one issue” ratings–and some received as many as 600.

The amount of customer participation and the data provided through RYR has demonstrated the need for a comprehensive review and improvement effort, not just a line-by-line initiative.

So, Rate Your Ride is happy to announce MTA’s Bus Network Improvement Project (BNIP)!Bus Network Improvement Project Logo

BNIP is a focused review of the MTA’s local services in the Baltimore area, including the bus, Metro Subway, and Light Rail. BNIP aims to maximize service quality and transit access to jobs and destinations through an up-to-date analysis of ridership and regional land-use data and with the assistance of public input. It will establish recommendations for implementation in August 2014 and provide the groundwork for a five (5) year, multi-phase improvement plan.

See MTA Adminstrator, Robert L. Smith, as he introduces the project on our YouTube channel.


So, what does Rate Your Ride and BNIP have in common? Glad you asked. First, your ratings were used during the initial analysis phase of BNIP, giving the project team a great amount of data about where problems were occurring in the system. And, we’ll continue to collect RYR data to help determine if changes implemented through BNIP improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Also, if you’ve participated in RYR, you’ve demonstrated that you care about providing your feedback to make services better. So, I hope you’ll take the time to participate in BNIP to answer questions, provide ideas, and comment on the ideas of others!

To Participate in BNIP

There is a lot of work to be done, and MTA and its partners cannot deliver the transit system the region needs and wants without your help. So, join the conversation! And stay tuned for more updates as the project progresses.

General info on the project can be found at

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